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Ever changing

We are always improving and changing with new materials ideas and development

Knowledge Creativity Science Procedures, daily 7am coffee meeting discussing our customer requirements. 40 years of hands on manufacturing by the original owners, studying new materials & process, cultivating relationships with suppliers, keeping up with world progress plus willing to try keeps Brigitflex the most innovative PC boards facility. Brigitflex works with most material mfg has their alpha shop testing materials and experimenting new process. This helps both us and our customers. With a machine shop on premises affords us reliability and solutions to manufacturing variety sizes, thickness and shapes. Keeping accurate process control and traceability is a strict requirement. Days never end at 5pm but rather when the work is done. If we see a problem we believe in contacting our customer to discuss the solution moving forward together keeping on schedule. This adds strength in construction usage of materials from concept into reality.

Printed Circuit Boards

Single Sided, Double, Multilayer

Flex, MultilayerFlex, RigidFlex, MoldedFlex, BookBinder Flex

Microwave Bds, RF boards, Digital, High Speed , PTFE, Tefon boards

Air Dielectric, Flters within Multilayer, Acitve Cavity Boards, Embedded Resistors

No-outgassing, Thermally Conductive Bds, Metal Clad , R-Cards

Antenna Boards - Large, Helical, Horn Microstrip

Materials Used

FR-4, Polyimide, Kapton, Teflon, PTFE, Cuflon, Microwave, Ceramic, (LowLoss HighDK)

LCP, TMM, glass, bora silca, rubber thin film, copper, ultem, mylar, aluminum

(new material available) Source from but not limited to:

Rogers, Taconic, Arlon, Isola, Neltec, Ventec, DuPont, Ticer, Ohmega


Pre-engineering studies the prints, discuss the challenges, follows the directions of the customer, writes procedures with the involvement of manufacturing. Customers may be consulted to result a product in a timely manner in buget.

Photo-Plotting, Yellow Room, Spray Booth

Custom screens for large boards, light tables, exposure units. Films plotted, 96"x54", 10ftx2ft.

Class 10,000 clean room

For large printed circuit boards.


Variety of holes, slots down to .006 mill, drill dia. .004 line and spacing.

Castelled holes (partial holes), Blind and buried via back drilling (Magnaflux x-ray).

Custom drill bits for thick boards up to one inch.

Multilayer & Pressing

Multi-sequential Lamination, Active Cavity Pressing.

Fusion Bonding, PTFE.

Core to Core, Heavy Copper, heat sink, graphite aliminum.

36x24 Board Multilayer, 52"x4" - must call for long narrow.

Plasma, sodium treat. Backfill, conductive fill, non conductive.

Wet Process

Metalization for different material types, electroplating.

60" etcher/developer

Oxide from black, brown, alternative various treatments

Enig, silver, solder, Rohs, white tin (ask)

Edge plating process, etchingprocess for exotic materials (Ticer & Ohmega)


Epoxy solder mask all colors, LPI liquid photo imageable, dry film, machine soldermask

Machine Shop

Full machine shop & welding for maintence, manufacturing pressplates, upgrading equipment.

Extra large circuit board

Printed Circuit Board

If you notice the absence of pictures of printed circuit boards we value our customers privacy due to the sensative nature and complex work we protect all with NDA and PIA agreements.

Air Dielectric Printed Circuit Boards

Fabricatin method based on priciples of suspended substrated transmission lines between two thin dielectric layers suspended in air conductive planes.

Cavity Antenna Printed Circuit Boards

Embedded and Passive components encapsulated within layers of multilayer printed circuit boards.

Multi Sequential Lamination

Lamination of material cycles multitimes with different drill cycles and press cycles.

Fusion Bonding

Raising a lamination press to approximately 650-700degreeFahrenhart , the PTFE Teflon materials directly bond at the molecular level encapsulating the internal traces for maximizing performance.

Embedded Resistors

Planar resistors that are fabricated inside or ontop of a printed circuit board and used as an alternative to discrete resistors.

Mixed Dielectrics

Dielectrics are materials having different mechanical, stress and combination of materials. Registration and pressing need to be coupled to achieve this type of circuit board.

Conductive Via Fill

Conductive paste such has silver and copper used to fill via holes related to double sided and multi layer boards.


Use of a Plasma system for printed circuit boards desmear,etchback and surface activation to increase yield and reliability in PTFE Teflon kapton boards.

Filter Boards

Hollow a layer in a multilayer then drop the mfg filter PC Bd into the area adjacent to the ground and signal layers.

Carbon Tetra Fluora

Methane and Oxygen etchback in the through holes and surface copper

With over 40 years manufacturing expertise, let Brigitflex bring your circuit board concept to reality.