Brigitflex is a manufacturer of Large Circuit Boards. We are able to produce Antenna, Multilayer, Double-Sided, Single-Sided, Conceptual, Prototype & Production Circuit Boards.

Our Excellon 154L Intelli-Drill enables large panel applications such as backplane drilling.

We use state-of-the-art autoclave technology, the ACS Process Systems Autoclave provides more advanced features and higher performance than any other autoclave product on the market.

We manufacture extra large printed circuit boards of all specialty materials using our 10,000 class clean room & spray booth. We turn reality of any size type boards with custom made equipment.

We are capable of manufacturing extra large, extra thick printed circuit bds of exotic materials.

Manufacture 100% in the United States of Amerca (ITAR).

We create specialty printed circuit boards with R & D, Process and a unique knowledge of exotic materials for many industries..

Our Scope of Work

Brigitflex, Inc. is dedicated to meeting the unique and individual challenges of our customers using the customer’s design, delivery schedule, and price points. We effectively communicate vendors, technical data, quality, and delivery status. Our goal is to achieve the continued confidence of our customers.

Our Quality Policy

Brigitflex’s quality manual defines the system we will be using to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide products that’s meet our customer requirements. We aim to enhance our customers’ satisfaction through the effective application of this process based system.

New technologies may help solve some of the most challenging problems, Brigitflex continues to push boundaries for all your printed circuit board needs. Turning concept antenna boards of thin materials into reality of any size using our spray-booth and class 10,000 clean room. We have specialty designed equipment to aid in process development to take concept ideas through prototype then make them into repeatable production printed circuit boards.


Working with our customers and vendors plus willing to build special equipment and work until the project is completed makes us a success.

Concept, Prototype, Production

Taking new design ideas with new materials making them into working prototypes within the customers budget and time frame keeps our business ahead.

Specialty Printed Circuit Boards

We produce printed circuit boards from a variety of materials combined with special process techniques and 40 years hands on manufacturing.

Staying Current

We are always improving, changing with new material. Our research and development stays current with the industry. New materials appearing daily.

Our Partners

When you work with Brigitflex you get 40 years of hands-on experience. Beyond our total in-house manufacturing capability, we have cultivated uniquely strong relationships with our suppliers and partners such as Rogers Corporation, DuPont, Ticer Technologies, Ohmega, Arlon Electronic Materials, AGC – Nelco Taconic, FaradFlex, Fermilab, Sheldahl, Exelis, and Matrix USA to name a few.

With over 40 years manufacturing expertise, let Brigitflex bring your circuit board concept to reality.