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Markets we serve

Wide range of markets

Extreme conditions, reliability manufacturing, knowledge of materials meet your tight specifications for performance in printed circuit boards for a wide range of markets and bds.

Our Markets

Military and Aerospace

Pre-production engineering into prototype and production bds with the latest available materials processes combined with decades of experience using Teflon, RF, microwave, high speed materials in multilayer and flex boards using military standards to build extreme pc boards. We have built long narrow 10foot with embedded resistors plus 4foot narrow multilayers within a timely manner.


Brigitflex supports reliable products through concept into production. With its unique knowledge of materials and has been an integral part of satellite, radar communication, weather projects using R-cards, extra large Kapton, embedded resistors with our 60″ etcher and class 10,000 clean room.

Scientific and Biomedical equipment

Brigitflex works with experimentation of high vacuum environments, using flex and rigid no-out gassing boards. Embedded resistors and microwave material are often used here.

University and Research Facilities

Our team collaborated development partnerships using its hand on experience to afford us the unique opportunity to develop edge to edge welding of printed circuit boards, work with Cuflon materials, plus other exotics in glass.

Transportation System electronics

Using many different high frequency materials, book binder flex bds and heavy copper. Extra thick printed circuit boards, heat sink boards with a variety of cores.

Industrial Control Food Processing Equipment

We deliver these through our innovative pre-production engineering, the latest specialty materials and processed, combined with decades of industry experience.

Our Partners

When you work with Brigitflex you get 40 years of hands-on experience. Beyond our total in-house manufacturing capability, we have cultivated uniquely strong relationships with our suppliers and partners such as Rogers Corporation, DuPont, Ticer Technologies, Ohmega, Arlon Electronic Materials, AGC – Nelco Taconic, FaradFlex, Fermilab, Sheldahl, Exelis, and Matrix USA to name a few.

With over 40 years manufacturing expertise, let Brigitflex bring your circuit board concept to reality.